parent support groups

Many parents find that joining a parent-to-parent support group is a life-saver, especially in the early days when your child has just been diagnosed.

Amaze staff and parents laughing at groupThere are groups for parents of any child with additional needs or groups for parents of children with a specific condition or disability such as autism or Down’s syndrome. There are also groups that are run by and for particular members of the community.

You can get details of all your local parent carer support groups on your Local Offer or Family Information Service or Community Directory.

Amaze runs a range of parent carer support groups in Brighton & Hove and East Sussex as part of its Face 2 Face project. Find out more about Face 2 Face parent carer support groups.

Brighton & Hove’s Inclusion Support Service (BHISS) also runs regular coffee mornings for parents of children with autism.

In East Sussex, CLASS+ (part of the Communication, Learning and Autism Support Service) runs regular coffee mornings for parents of 5-16 year olds with autism. Get details of CLASS+ coffee mornings and services on the CLASS+ Facebook page or on ISEND’s Facebook page.

You local parent carer forum may also hold details of support groups or run their own groups or events where parent carers can get together to find out about specific topics or just have a cuppa.  For example, Brighton and Hove’s Parent Carers’ Council (PaCC) runs regular coffee mornings in specific parts of the city. Find out more from:


It’s useful for a parent to meet another parent who’s got a child that’s a bit further down the line.
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