Wills & trusts

It’s important for all families with children to make a will but especially so if your child has a special educational need or disability, whatever their age. 

Why do I need a will?

This is not just about money and assets. Even if you have no assets to leave your child, you still need to leave your affairs in order, including setting out who is going to look after your child when you are no longer around. This will save a lot of headaches for your child and the person or people who may end up caring for them. 

Seeking advice

If you do have assets such as your own home, you should seek professional advice about protecting your disabled child and their benefits should they inherit from you in future. 

Find a solicitor who can give you expert advice on wills, trusts, Power of Attorney, Court of Protection applications and inheritance tax planning. Renaissance Legal in Brighton & Hove specialises in planning for the future for families with disabled children. They run regular free online seminars, sometimes in partnership with Amaze, as well as offering individual services. 

Leaving a legacy

Could you leave a gift to Amaze in your will?

By leaving a us a gift, however big or small, you can help disabled children and young people live happier, healthier and more independent lives for generations to come.