Brighton & Hove parent carer groups

Our parent support groups in Brighton & Hove are run as a partnership with Brighton & Hove Parent Carers’ Council.

In person groups

Breakfast club for parents of any age child with any disability

Meets once a month at Al Campo on London Road, Brighton. This group also has a very supportive and active WhatsApp group. To find out more, email [email protected]

Dads group

Meets on the last Thursday of the month in person at the Stoneham Pub in Hove and is for Dads in Brighton & Hove and East Sussex. There is also a closed, private Facebook group. For more information, email [email protected]

Portslade parent group

For parents whose children attend Hillpark special school or parent carers who live in the Hove, Portslade and Mile Oak area. This group meets at the Old Village centre in Portslade once a month. For more information, email [email protected]

Whitehawk NDP (neurodevelopmental pathway) group

This group meets once a month at St Cuthmans Church, Whitehawk Way and has more of a focus on children and young people with a neurodevelopmental condition, such as autism, ADHD and dyslexia, although any parent carer will be welcomed whether their child or young person is on the NDP pathway or not. For more information, email [email protected]

Parents Like Us group for parents of 16 to 25s

For parent carers of young people aged between 16 and 25 in Brighton & Hove. Meets once a month at the Modelo Lounge in Church Road, Hove. This group also has a very supportive and active WhatsApp group as well as occasional, specific themed workshops. For more information, email [email protected]

We also support a PRESENS (Pre-school Special Educational Needs Support Service) group for under 5s every Monday during term time at the Jeanne Saunders Centre in Hove.

WhatsApp only groups

Most of our in-person groups have WhatsApp groups attached to them but the following groups are WhatsApp-only groups.

Autism WhatsApp group for parents of under 8s

This WhatsApp group is for parents and carers of under 8s with autism or who are going through autism assessment. Parents ask each other questions and support and encourage each other through their shared experience.

Complex needs WhatsApp group

This WhatsApp group is for parent carers of children and young people with complex needs, including health and mental health.

Grandparents/Kinship Carers WhatsApp group

This WhatsApp group is for grandparents and kinship carers of any child or young person with SEND.

Mental Health Room

A WhatsApp group across Brighton & Hove and East Sussex providing a safe space for parent carers to come together to talk about the mental health of their child or young person, as well as their own mental health. It’s a positive place to share strategies and self-care tips with others.

Supported living WhatsApp group

This WhatsApp group is for parent carers of young people living in supported accommodation, as well as those who are considering supported living as an option for their young person.

WhatsApp group for parents who are neurodivergent

This WhatsApp group is for parent carers who are neurodivergent, or who identify as neurodivergent.

For more information about any of our groups or to get involved, contact [email protected].

Our Facebook group is a private, closed Facebook group just for parent carers linked to our parent support groups.

Upcoming groups

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