SENDIASS helpline – 01273 772289

Amaze's SENDIASS helpline is open Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 2.30pm. Call 01273 772289.

SENDIASS Helpline during coronavirus lockdown
All our team are working from home and are still offering a full Helpline service. We continue to offer information, advice and support for parent carers and to young people with SEND. Please call us on 01273 772289 or email to talk about education, health and social care or anything else you may need. It’s important to stay connected so call us even if you just need to talk. And we are still able to offer some follow up casework support (by phone and email) for more complex issues.

All calls go straight to voicemail at the moment, so please leave your contact details. Expect to hear back from us in two to three working days.

For information about any of our other services during the pandemic please see our Coronavirus statement

What is Amaze SENDIASS?

Amaze SENDIASS is the Special Educational Needs and Disability Information, Advice and Support Service for East Sussex and Brighton and Hove. If you are a child or young person with a special educational need or a disability (SEND), or the parent of a child or young person with SEND, you can call the Amaze SENDIASS helpline for information and advice.

How can Amaze SENDIASS help?

Amaze SENDIASS is there to answer your questions and help you find the right support for anything to do with special educational needs and disability including education, health and social care for 0-25 year olds. We can also give you information on things like disability benefits, leisure and preparing for adulthood.

Our information and advice is impartial and confidential. We have online and printed resources so you can find things out for yourself. You can find all of these things on this website, but if you want individual advice or someone to steer you to the right information, you can contact our helpline. You can call the SENDIASS helpline even if you are not sure if you or your child has SEND, as we can help you think this through.

Read more about who can use Amaze’s services such as the SENDIASS helpline.

Contacting the SENDIASS helpline

Telephone: 01273 772289

Monday to Friday 9.30am to 2.30pm

Afternoon or evening call backs can also be arranged, if you are not able to speak to us during these hours.  You can leave a voicemail message at any time. You can also reach the helpline by emailing

If you or someone you know needs advice in another language, we may be able to arrange an appointment with an interpreter via the Sussex Interpreting Service. We also produce a service leaflet in a number of different languages that explains what we do and how we can help.

Thank you so much for the very supportive phone call on Thursday. I felt as if a load had been lifted from my shoulders! It really helped to be so well listened to and to know there is fantastic support and advice available.
How the SENDIASS helpline works
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