Since 1997 Amaze has been parent-led, innovative and recognised locally and nationally as an example of good practice and excellence.

We have supported families with disabled children and young people across Sussex for more than 25 years. Since 2015, we have also worked directly with young people with SEND aged 14-25, which is having a significant impact.  

We have grown significantly since 1997. Our staff team has quadrupled, our knowledge has grown, and our services are well-established. But what has stayed the same is the commitment to helping families with disabled children across Sussex.  

Thanks to you, Amaze can continue to support families with disabled children and young people in our community.  

lizzie batten with DLA volunteer
Copies of Amaze's Impact Report fanned out on a desk.

What we've done

Each year we produce a report that summarises the impact we have had on the lives of families with disabled children and young people. You can read our latest Impact Report (2022-23) below. 

Download our Amaze Impact Report 2022-23. 


Where we are going next

We are open and honest with our community about what we plan to do. As part of this commitment to listening to our communities and reacting, we publish our five-year plan. You can read our current strategic business plan (2021-25) below.  

Download our Strategic Business Plan 2021-25 

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How you can support us

If you’d like to support Amaze in the 25 years to come, you can find out about fundraising for us here. You can also make a donation to us on our website.  

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