Young people’s e-zine “Amazine”

Check out our e-zine for young people with additional needs in Brighton & Hove and East Sussex!

The magazine is jam-packed with interesting articles, craft tutorials, easy recipes to make, quizzes and loads more! It’s bright and colourful, with lots of photos and drawings.

Young people at our Amazing Futures groups came up with the idea for the magazine, and it is planned and created with lots of input from young people from the groups.

If you’re a young person with additional needs and you’d like to have fun working on content, taking photos or creating artwork for the magazine, join our focus group!

To find out more, email or call/text 07484 915 038.

Latest issue:

Issue #10 Autumn edition (November 2021)

This issue you can learn about autumn traditions around the world, and check out the Halloween masks we made.

Read about Jordan’s comicon experience and hear from Pagane about leading the drama group in Brighton.

Book a place at our Neon Disco in Eastbourne next year, or get involved with our youth voice program!

Plus learn about Morgan Le Faye, take our King Arthur quiz, and more!

Click the “fullscreen” link in the middle of the image to make it bigger, or if you’d rather, you can view issue 10 as a PDF [4mb].


Magazine front cover, featuring photo of hot air balloonsIssue #9 (August 2021) – Summer edition

Learn what we’ve all been getting up to this summer, including all the fun we’ve been having at Amazingly Active.

We’ve also been getting some great walks in, including a sponsored walk in Eastbourne. Lewis tells us about his tennis experience, and Babak tells us about what it was like getting Covid-19.

We’ve also got puzzles, a gooey brownie recipe, some top tips for college, and loads more!

Read Amazine issue 9

(or view issue 9 as a PDF)

Front cover showing two young people standing on a bridge with trees and greenery behind, wearing face masksIssue #8 (March 2021) – Spring edition

Want to get more active? Pagane shares her experiences with Couch to 5k, and Zoom yoga. And Anya tells us about the sport she does with her horse, TREC.

Got questions about the Covid-19 vaccine, or lateral flow testing? We’ve got you covered.

We’ve got a watercolour tutorial in our Craft Corner, and Jack’s Kitchen has a great comfort food recipe: macaroni cheese! Plus loads more!

Read Amazine issue 8

(or view issue 8 as a PDF)

Front cover showing grinning young woman with face paint and pigtails at an outdoors event in the sunIssue #7 (December 2020) – Festive edition

Feeling festive? Check out our Christmas jokes, recipes, and Christmas card tutorial. We took a look back at the past year and shared our top 2020 moments, and some Amazing Futures updates. Looking ahead to the new year, we’ve got some articles to help you get organised and keep your new year’s resolutions.

We’ve also got some personal stories about living with a learning disability, Zoe’s journey to becoming a teaching assistant, and more.

Read Amazine issue 7

(or view issue 7 as a PDF)

Amazine front cover featuring collage of a dogIssue #5 (September 2020) – Out and about

This issue, we’ve got some photos from our park meet-ups and ideas for getting out and about now lockdown is relaxing. We say thank you to Eliph who is stepping down as an Amaze staff member in order to go to university, and hear from Megan about what it was like being an intern with Amaze. We also learn all about the dinosaur-themed computer game ARK!

This issue features two quizzes: get the quiz answers here

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(or view issue 5 as a PDF)

Amazine front cover with image of brightly coloured yarn pompomsIssue #4 (June 2020) – The new normal

This issue, we’ve got some quirky ideas for keeping busy, facts about Pokemon Sword characters, and info on the Shark Tracker app. Meet one of our SENDIASS advisors, Sally, and learn how we can help you. Or if the upcoming changes to lockdown rules are making you anxious, learn about some resources that can help.

This issue features two quizzes: get the quiz answers here

Read Amazine issue 4

(or view issue 4 as a PDF)

Amazine front cover, featuring painting of a blue flower with a ladybirdIssue #3 (May 2020) – Looking forward to life after lockdown

This issue is packed full of fun things that can be done now, including collages, quizzes, games and challenges, preparing for when lockdown is over and thinking about your options for study and work.

This issue features two quizzes: get the quiz answers here

Read Amazine issue 3

(or view issue 3 as a PDF)

Amazine front cover, featuring hairless guinea pigs with a handwritten sign saying "stay home"Issue #2 (April 2020) – Keeping busy

This issue features photos from our great Covid-19 bake-off, including a recipe for “minimal effort mugcake”, some of you showed us how you’ve been keeping busy during the lockdown, find out what our unique (and adorable!) animal of the month is, learn about Animal Crossing, and lots more!

This issue features two quizzes – answers below.

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(or view issue 2 as a PDF)

issue 2 quiz answers

Weird Words

Doodle sack – bagpipes

Windlepickers – pointed shoes

Salopettes – ski trousers with braces

Quire – pack of paper

Bibble – to eat often or drink noisily

Erf – a plot of land

David Walliams uses the word kerfuffle

5 minutes challenge close-ups

Top row: Bryony’s toy bunner, Alanna’s drawings of the things she is doing to stay well, Lewis’s mug cake

Middle row: reading comics, Ella playing Monopoly, Lucy’s aqua beads

Bottom row: Claire running, Animal Crossing, papier mache

How many did you get right?

magazine front cover, featuring the title "Amazine" and photo of smiling blue-haired young womanIssue #1 (April 2020) – The five ways to wellbeing

This issue’s theme is the five ways to wellbeing – these are simple ways you can help look after yourself and keep yourself feeling as well as possible.

We’ve got lots of great tips from young people at our groups, plus a wordsearch, photos of some of fab activities we get up to at Amazing Futures, drawings and photos of our pets, and more.

Read Amazine issue 1


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