help with DLA and PIP

If you want to make a claim for Disability Living Allowance or Personal Independence Payment for a child or young person, Amaze can offer you advice and sometimes practical support, depending on where you live.

Benefits work: Help with DLA and PIP during coronavirus lockdown
We are working hard to maintain our offer of support to families to claim DLA and PIP. This support includes initial advice about making a claim, factsheets on different parts of the process, workshops on DLA and PIP and, in Brighton and Hove only, further individual help for those who need this most.

Although we cannot meet families and young people face to face, we are able to contact you by phone or email.  Let us know if English is not your first language, so we can think about who can best help us get started.

Wherever possible, we will offer you as much help as you need to draft typed notes that get tagged into the claim pack.  We understand how hard it is to get extra copies of important information about your child or young person right now. If you live in Brighton & Hove, we have a protocol for safely picking up your supporting evidence and signed claim pack. We can also photocopy original documents, collate everything and post your claim by special delivery. Unfortunately, we do not have the reach to offer this copy and send service in East Sussex.

We understand that DWP is extending the length of all current DLA and PIP awards for 3 months. While this is helpful, that time will fly, so please get in touch with us as soon as possible, if a lot has changed since you last claimed and you need help with a review.

If a young person, aged at least 16 and getting DLA, has already been invited to claim PIP and you have a PIP claim pack, do ask for extra time, if you need it. Remember the bar is set higher for PIP than DLA, so it’s worth making sure you have all your evidence available before making the claim. DWP has suspended face to face assessments and is making decisions on papers.

How to access/contact us: 

You can contact us by email or phone (01273 772289). All calls go straight to voicemail at the moment, so please leave your contact details. We are currently replying to calls on the same day.

For information about any of our other services during the pandemic please see our Coronavirus statement

Telephone advice about DLA and PIP

Family getting benefits advice for DLA

Call our SENDIASS helpline for information about where to get the claim forms, what sort of details you might need to include and how long you can expect the process to take.

Factsheets and written resources

We also have fact sheets about DLA and PIP and, if you give us a ‘pen picture’ of your child’s needs, we can send you  more detailed written resources to help you tackle different pages of the claim pack. Or you can read more about DLA and PIP on this website.

DLA and PIP Workshops

We run regular, free DLA and PIP workshops across Sussex. Check out our events listing for upcoming workshops. For DLA and PIP workshops in West Sussex visit Reaching Families’ website.

One to one support

If you feel really stuck, and you live in Brighton & Hove, we may be able to offer you individual help. We have a small team of volunteers who can make home visits and help you think through how to make a strong case. And if you find that writing stuff down is hard, that’s OK too – our volunteers are happy to fill the forms in. But please be aware that this service is only available in school term time. Ring our helpline to ask for one to one help.

If you feel really stuck and you live in East Sussex, have a think about who could help you work from some of our written resources. This might be your child’s social worker, their TA at school, a friend or a keyworker. If you belong to a parent support group, perhaps one of the parents there has experience and can help.


Amaze always needs more volunteers. Find out how you can help other parents make successful claims.

Give us your feedback

We’d love to hear how useful you found our DLA resources or one to one support. Email with any feedback about the service and do let us know the outcome.

If you are successful and would like to help us support more families who need help to claim DLA, visit our donations page.