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Every parent carer has a powerful story to tell about what it's like to care for a child with additional needs. Here, some of the parents Amaze has worked with share their stories and explain how we have helped them.

Colleen's story
Things were really bad. I didn’t go out and felt really depressed. I had no help with my little boy, Finley, who was three at the time. He was delayed but we didn’t know what was wrong.
Alison's story
We left London to escape domestic violence. Billy had a diagnosis of global developmental delay to begin with but then they said he had Asperger’s. No one had ever spoken about how the violence might have affected him…
Debbie's story
Zoe was two when I was told about Amaze by my health visitor who referred me because it was clear there was something wrong…
Debby 's story
For once I could not fight for my daughter. I felt totally powerless to help her. Visions of her being alone in school, at lunch, at play, everything we did flashed through my mind whilst her dad and I would struggle to keep life as ‘normal’ as possible….

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