Some parents may live for years with the knowledge that one day their child will die. Some of you may have already lived through that. This page looks at the practicalities of bereavement and where you can go for advice and support if your child dies.

When a child dies or is terminally ill, it is a desperately sad and sensitive time for parents, siblings, other family members and close friends. Other people don’t know what to say and, being afraid of saying the wrong thing, they often say nothing at all. Those of us who have lost a child, however, often want to talk about him or her – we long for people to mention their name and share memories and stories. Frequently our lives have been very closely involved with our child’s physical and medical care and suddenly this has all stopped. There’s a huge gap. Some of us found it invaluable to talk with other parents who had had the same experience, or just someone who could understand our feelings.

Professional support for bereavement
Practicalities of bereavement


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