survival strategies

parent support groups

Many parents find that joining a parent-to-parent support group is a life-saver, especially in the early days when your child has just been diagnosed.

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support from professionals

There are lots of different local and national organisations that can offer support to parent carers. At times of particular difficulty, you may also be able to call on more expert emotional support with your own mental health and wellbeing or relationships.

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looking after yourselves

Your needs, and the needs of the rest of the family, can easily get forgotten when you're caring for a disabled child.

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help with behaviour

Most parents will have times when they worry about their child’s behaviour or their own parenting. As people often say, kids don’t come with an instruction manual and this can feel doubly true if your child has special needs.

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Some parents may live for years with the knowledge that one day their child will die. Some of you may have already lived through that. This page looks at the practicalities of bereavement and where you can go for advice and support if your child dies.

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