social care assessments

Caring for a child with any sort of disability or special educational need can make daily life harder. We all have times when it gets too much but if this feeling persists and you are regularly struggling to cope, you should ask for help.

Every local authority provides or funds services that can help make your life easier. Perhaps you need a holiday club that can cope with your child’s additional needs or overnight respite care to give you a break from caring for a child with more severe disabilities. Perhaps you need to adapt your home to cater for your child’s disability or you just want to find someone to take your son or daughter out every now and again so they can make friends and you can get stuff done. For more information about the kinds of help available for families of children with SEND in your area, visit:

Brighton & Hove’s Local Offer  – social care for children and young people with SEND

East Sussex Local Offer – Advice and family support

In many instances, the kinds of support you can get will be available to all families, possibly for a fee. If you need more targeted, specialist support such as respite you will need to have a social care assessment of need.

Asking for help from social services
Social care assessments of need
Who can get support from social care?
Tips for working with social workers
Paying for social care support


I think you cope, you don’t really ask for help when you’re feeling articulate. You usually end up waiting until you’re not articulate and everything’s gone to pot, and that’s when you need these people.


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