For many parents, the most stressful time of all is when their child is first diagnosed, or is going through the process of trying to get a diagnosis.

You may feel completely devastated to start with, then somehow angry – ‘Why us? Did we do something wrong? Could we have done anything to prevent it? Or you may just feel bereft – ‘This isn’t the child I expected. I won’t be able to cope, I don’t want to have to cope’. Or you may feel confused because you were expecting a diagnosis but still feel shocked, or perhaps you were hoping for a diagnosis but still feel grief. But you can be sure that whatever you’re feeling – anger, despair, fear or overwhelming protectiveness – somebody has been there before and there are people who can help at this critical time.

When are children diagnosed?
Who can help with diagnosis?
Coping with diagnosis
Coping without a diagnosis


I expected them to be able to tell me what was wrong, and they didn’t, they couldn’t, as it were, so that was a bit of a shock. It shakes your faith a bit, doesn’t it?


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