For many parents, the most stressful time of all is when their child is first diagnosed, or is going through the process of trying to get a diagnosis.

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ongoing health appointments

If your child has a learning difficulty or disability or an ongoing medical condition, they may have to attend quite a few more healthcare appointments and assessments than their peers. Sometimes it can feel like being your child’s personal manager, juggling appointments and supervising treatment at home.

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Children who have more complex needs and difficulties may require help to learn some of the skills they will need to cope with daily living.

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If your child has a disability or an ongoing health condition, they may be regular visitors to their local hospital.

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mental health and wellbeing

Many children experience periods of anxiety, insecurity or low mood from time to time, but if these feelings grow or persist they may need support with their mental health and wellbeing.

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healthcare complaints

Our GPs, hospitals and specialist services most often do a great job. However, occasionally, you may not be happy with the treatment your child receives or, in extreme cases, feel you have a right to compensation or legal redress. This section tells you about making a complaint about healthcare.

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