EHC needs assessments & plans

If your child has been receiving extra support for their special educational needs in school for a while, but doesn't seem to be making progress, the local authority can be asked to carry out an Education, Health and Care (EHC) needs assessment. This may lead to your child getting an EHC plan.

Education, Health and Care (EHC) plans were introduced in 2014, replacing Statements of SEN. If you’re unsure whether your child needs an EHC plan, start with our beginner’s guide to SEND, and our page on support for school-aged children with SEND.

What is an EHC plan?
Does my child need an EHC plan?
How do I get an EHC plan?
How will an EHC needs assessment be carried out?
What is the parent's role in EHC assessments?
Annual reviews for children with an EHC plan
Appealing to SENDIST


It was an awful hassle to go to appeal, but it was important that the integrated activities he was having should continue. We just had the energy to do it, I suppose.


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