Our request for election 2024 candidates in Sussex

For families with disabled children, the need for change has never been greater. Waiting times are up, money is down, and families tell us again and again that they are really struggling.

Amaze is part of the Disabled Children’s Partnership (DCP), a coalition of over 100 charities and parent groups. Here’s why we are campaigning for change in the election 2024 and what you can do to support our campaign.

The DCP manifesto

We support the DCP manifesto, which lists some of the changes that politicians could make to improve the lives of families. At Amaze, we sent the manifesto to existing MPs in January. With an election called, we are now asking election candidates for their support too. The key asks of the Manifesto are:

  • Make disabled children a priority. Those at the heart of politics need to prioritise the needs of disabled children and their families and to acknowledge disabled children and their families as equal, valued members of society. We want all parties to commit to the appointment of a Minister for Disabled Children and to producing a cross party disabled children’s strategy.
  • Clarify and enforce rights, and review the law. The next Government must commit to stronger accountability within the SEND system; to making the education system inclusive; and to ensuring that disabled children and young people receive the support they need across the education, health and social care systems.
  • Address funding shortfalls and create a dedicated fund for disabled children. Making disabled children the priority and having a system that is fit for purpose with effective accountability will help make this happen; but the right level of funding is also vital.

You can read the full DCP manifesto by clicking this link.

Our ask to election 2024 candidates

Ahead of the election on Thursday 4th July, we have written to candidates for constituencies covering Brighton & Hove and East Sussex. In our email, we asked them to pledge their support for the DCP manifesto.

We have asked candidates to respond to the manifesto and post a picture of them holding this sign and pledging their support. We have also invited candidates to work with us to gain a better understanding of the lives of families in their area once they are elected. We have added the name of candidates who have pledged their support to our website, which you can view by clicking here.

Help Amaze take action

If you would like your candidates to take action for families with disabled children, please write to them about the DCP manifesto. You can find a list of your candidates, and their contact details, at Who can I vote for?

Here is some text you may wish to use:

Dear candidate,

I am writing to ask for your pledge to support families with disabled children.

I am a voter in [CONSTITUENCY] and [ADD IF YOU ARE A PARENT, YOUNG PERSON ETC HERE].  I’m writing to say I support the asks of the Disabled Children’s Partnership manifesto and hope you do too. The three main asks are: Make disabled children a priority; clarify and enforce rights, and review the law; and address funding shortfalls and create a dedicated fund for disabled children.

You can read more about the manifesto, and local charity Amaze by clicking this link.

I look forward to hearing from you


Register to vote

Make sure your voice is heard in the election by registering to vote. You will not be able to vote in the election unless you are registered. The deadline is Tuesday 18th June 2024.

If you would like support with registering to vote and are based in Brighton & Hove, you can contact Community Base. They have information on their website to help you, and will help you with the forms if you visit the Community Base reception on Queens’ Road, Brighton.

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