Key numbers from the past year

Having just completed our annual reporting for year 2022/23, we wanted to share some of the key numbers that tell the story of Amaze services and how they are delivered and used.


4586 SENDIASS referrals, 21% more than last year, 3944 fact sheets downloadedOur SENDIASS service has seen a huge number of referrals, 4586, in the financial year, up 21% from the previous year. The majority of enquiries we receive are looking for advice concerning education and health.

We have a large number of detailed fact sheets for parent carers on a variety of topics available free on our website, on topics like diagnoses, education and childcare, disability benefits, and lots more. An incredible 3944 fact sheets were downloaded from our website this year. 

Parent carer registration form

Our new parent carer registration form went live online in mid-December and saw 193 submissions in its first three months. This helps parent carers to provide us with all the information we need to offer support, as well as the opportunity to complete our questionnaire about the impact their caring role has on their lives.

From the first six months of data, we can see a clear upward trend on the impact of the caring role on parent carers, with increased time spent caring, less opportunity for a break, less sleep and a higher impact on health and social isolation. The financial impact is also noticeable, with more families reporting that they are relying solely on benefits and skipping meals.   

64% of parent carers have experienced mental ill-health due their caring role. 66% of parent carers do not get a good night’s sleep due to caring. 24% of parent carers said that they had reduced the size of their meals or skipped meals in the last 12 months. Face 2 Face

1253 memberships to 18 groups. More than doubled since previous year. 179 parent carers in new neurodivergent groups. 10 wellbeing sessions for 111 members.Our Face 2 Face peer support service for parent carers has expanded dramatically in the last 12 months, offering new support groups and workshops as well as one to one befriending.  

  • Our group membership has more than doubled; we now have 1253 memberships to 18 different in-person and WhatsApp groups.
  • We launched our Face 2 Face service supporting parent carers with children and young people who are neurodivergent, initially in East Sussex and then in Brighton & Hove. 179 parent carers have joined neurodivergent in-person groups since these began.  
  • Our wellbeing Face 2 Face service, which launched in late 2022, ran 10 wellbeing sessions in the first three months with 111 members of our ‘Mental Health Room’. 

DLA and PIP Benefits service

More than 1000 families supported. 18% more than last year. More than £1.7 million in annual benefits value.Working in East Sussex and Brighton & Hove, our heavily in-demand DLA and PIP benefits service saw 941 referrals over the course of the year, and supported over 1000 families. This is an 18% increase on the previous year.

Bringing in more than £1.7 million in annual benefits value – a figure we expect to increase even further as we get news of awards – the tangible impact this service has on families cannot be over-stated.

As a way to share invaluable tips and information to families as widely as possible, we also run regular workshops online – this year, we successfully ran 17 online workshops attended by 269 parent carers. 

NDP Family Training and Navigation Service

454 referrals. 18 workshops.We extended our very popular Neurodevelopmental Pathway Family Training and Navigation Service from Brighton & Hove into East Sussex in the summer of 2022. This service supports families with a child who is on anywhere on the pathway from referral to diagnosis (or non-diagnosis) of a neurodevelopmental condition like autism, ADHD, or tics/tourettes.

Together, the services received a total of 454 referrals for a navigation call (including both referrals by professionals and self-referrals), and even more parent carers registered for one of our courses. We ran 18 workshops during the year including a ‘Tics and Tourettes’ workshop, an ‘Insiders’ Guide to ADHD’ course and a ‘Neurodiversity’ workshop for parents of primary and secondary school aged children. 

Compass Card

153 amazing offers for the 2326 0 to 25 year olds with SEND on the register.The Compass Card in Brighton & Hove continues to provide a massive 153 offers to the 2326 children and young peopled aged 0 to 25 years olds with additional needs on the register.

Having so many offers means we’re able to provide a huge amount of variety in the type of offers available – we’ve got mini golf, escape rooms, swimming pools, museums, and so much more…

Search for offers on our website or download our app

We also provided special offers, competitions and free tickets throughout the year. 

Amazing Futures services for young people

283 in-person group sessions. 26 wellbeing sessions. 22 received one-to-one counselling. 75 accessed careers support.Our Amazing Futures peer support service for young people aged 14 to 25 with SEND in Brighton & Hove and East Sussex ran a total of 283 in-person group sessions during the year. We got up to a huge number of different activities, including everything from boardgames and arts and crafts to running and outdoor activities to work-readiness sessions.

In addition, we began providing extra support to help our young people with their mental health and wellbeing, running 26 wellbeing sessions in East Sussex, and providing 12 young people in Brighton &  Hove with one-to-one counselling sessions. 

We also helped our young people look to their futures, with around 75 young people accessing our Amazing Futures careers support service. 

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