Planning for the Future – Wills & Trusts workshop

Free Wills & Trusts webinar with Philip Warford of Renaissance Legal

In this free webinar, Philip Warford of Renaissance Legal will explain why it is so important to make a Will, particularly when there is a disabled or vulnerable person in the family who may not be able to provide for themselves now or in the future. The presentation will last 1 hour plus15 minutes Q&A at the end.

He will talk about the way in which Wills and Trusts can be used to provide financial security for a loved one whilst ensuring their benefits are not affected.

Philip will explain what a Trust is, how they work and when to set them up. He will also cover the Trusts available including Discretionary Trusts and a Disabled Person’s Trust.

The webinar will also cover:

  • Choosing Executors and Trustees
  • Letters of Wishes
  • How to make Gifts in a Will
  • Preparation for a meeting with your Lawyer

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If you would like more information about this workshop please contact [email protected].

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