Equalities, diversity and inclusion

Amaze is an organisation set up to empower children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), and their families. We champion inclusion and lobby against inequality experienced as a result of a special educational need, disability or long-term health condition. 

We challenge prejudice, promote equality and value diversity. We want the families we support, the staff we employ and the volunteers we involve to feel welcome, and we won’t tolerate discrimination or unfair treatment. We believe that direct or indirect discrimination is wrong and ensure that our policies and practices provide equal treatment for everyone. 


It is a priority for Amaze to consider how protected characteristics and disability combine for many families in Sussex, and how this impacts experiences of SEND. As an organisation we are committed to looking harder at how different kinds of discrimination are interconnected, which can create even greater inequality. This is called ‘intersectionality’. 

Our EDI goals

Our equality, diversity and inclusion goals are to: 

  • Ensure fair and equal access to our services including understanding the needs of the families we currently support and will support in the future 
  • Develop our services with an awareness and understanding of equality and diversity issues 
  • Show clear leadership and good governance on equality, diversity, and inclusion, with action plans in place to drive forward policy and practices 
  • Make sure that the make-up of our Board and staff team reflects the communities we serve and are well-informed about equality, diversity, and inclusion. 

Our EDI work so far

Our EDI work so far 

Some of the work we’ve been doing to advance equalities and diversity in Amaze includes: 

  • Focused work on different equalities strands to extend our insight and strengthen our practice, such as Tackling Anti-Racism (LINK) 
  • Reviewing our communication and engagement, such as Amaze’s language around disability
  • Creating a safe and just culture where ‘voice’ is encouraged, and diversity of thought is welcomed.  We support internal/informal staff and volunteer working groups to gather and respond to emerging needs and ideas (eg neurodiversity in the workplace).  Our staff and volunteers should feel a sense of belonging in Amaze. 
  • Ensuring we comply with equality law and implement good practice in all aspects of employment. We maintain up to date policies and procedures (LINK)