Coronavirus social care and safety

Coronavirus - social care and safety

The unusual circumstances of the coronavirus emergency are putting every family under extra pressure. This section covers how social care services and direct payments are operating at the moment, as well as advice and information on family safety and behaviour issues, including updated information about what you can do under the the new national lockdown . There are exceptions to the lockdown rules about staying at home and gatherings with people outside your household that are helpful for families with a child or young person with SEND.

Support from social care services

Social care duties and the law
Brighton and Hove Specialist community disability service
East Sussex ISEND children's disability service

Personal assistants and direct payments

Using PAs and employment issues
Alternatives to your usual PAs

Respite, childcare, youth and leisure activities

Short breaks and respite
Informal childcare and fun

Safety and family relationships

Getting out of the house
Wearing masks
Shared care
Making a bubble with another household
Online safety
Covid-19 scams
Domestic abuse

Behaviour and parenting

Advice and support for parenting
Challenging behaviour
If your child is a risk to you or others

Advice and support for carers

Guidance for carers
Local support for carers


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