Looking Forward to your next steps in education, employment or training

How Looking Forward helps young people work out their next steps in education, employment or training

Amy Goble

Amy, Looking Forward’s Information, Advice and Guidance Worker.

Our Looking Forward careers guidance programme is now in full swing, with the team holding regular one-to-one sessions and running workshops in Brighton & Hove and East Sussex. We’ve already provided one-to-ones for over 70 young people so we thought it was high time we asked the Looking Forward team to give us the inside story on exactly how the project supports young people with thinking about education, employment or training.

Amy Goble, Looking Forward’s Information Advice and Guidance (IAG) worker, explains:

“Our Looking Forward project is all about helping to boost young people’s confidence, raise their aspirations and increase awareness about the options available to them. Perhaps the simplest way to explain how we do this is to tell you how we helped one specific young man, Liam.”

“When Liam first joined Looking Forward in July 2019 after a referral from his college, he was unsure what he wanted to do, so our first sessions focused on exploring the post-16 options that suited him, based on his interests and skills. 

“Looking Forward has helped me get a job and gain more confidence”

“He came along to our Post-16 Options workshop with his mum, where we looked in-depth at all the different routes he could take such as traineeships, apprenticeships, further education, supported internships and supported employment, and he attended our Skills and Interests training session so he could focus on where his skills might take him. Following these sessions, we helped him decide that he would continue with his sports course and progress onto Level 3 while we looked at apprenticeships for the following year. Liam enjoys more practical studying and is keen to be more independent so, for him, an apprenticeship is a good fit as it combines training and paid employment.

“More recently, in our one-to-one sessions, we’ve been working on a short-term goal. Liam wanted to focus on getting a part-time job to gain work experience and to increase his independence.  We helped him to write a CV, learn where to find jobs and how to apply for them. We also prepared for an interview and discussed how to disclose his additional needs to future employers to make sure he had the support he needed in the work place. Just before Christmas, Liam applied for a job during one of our sessions and I am delighted to say he got the job!”


Liam, one of the young people Looking Forward has supported.

Liam is delighted: “Looking Forward has helped me get a job and gain more confidence.”

“He is now working part-time while continuing with his college course,” says Amy, “and we will continue his one-to-ones to help him prepare for an apprenticeship in the future.”

Looking Forward is available to young people in Brighton & Hove and East Sussex. We deliver one-to-one sessions in Brighton and Eastbourne. Any young person aged 14-18 with SEND is eligible. Young people aged 19+ can also attend if they have an EHC plan. It’s a rolling programme so young people can access activities to suit their needs.

Learn more about Looking Forward or to book a session please contact amy@amazesussex.org.uk



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