Disability benefits: what’s changed, what hasn’t, what to do now

Disability benefits: what’s changed, what hasn’t, what to do now

As we enter summer and things begin to move towards a new normal, now’s the perfect time to make sure you’re on top of your family’s financial situation. We’ve got the low-down on what’s changed for disability and carer’s benefits (and what hasn’t), and what you need to do now.

Summer action plan

So whats important to do right now?

If you need to make a new claim for DLA or PIP, don’t delay! (And don’t forget to ring the DWP for a claim pack, as these are date stamped)

If you’ve started a claim and you are worried you can’t get it back in time, ring the DWP to ask for an extension

If your child is approaching 16, start gathering evidence now, even if their DLA claim has been extended

If your child needs to be reassessed due to a change in circumstances, go ahead and request a reassessment now

If you disagree with a decision about your claim, the timescales for requesting a mandatory reconsideration or lodging and appeal are short and haven’t changed, so don’t delay

If your income has dropped, check whether you’re eligible for Carer’s Allowance and make a claim if so

If you need help and advice at any step along the way, contact Amaze SENDIASS on 01273 772289 or email sendiass@amazesussex.org.uk.

It may take a bit longer for us to help than usual, so do get in touch as soon as possible. Don’t wait until the extension period is up!

What’s changed? (And what hasn’t.)

It can be hard to keep track of what’s changed and what hasn’t, so we’ve put together an overview of where things stand right now (July 2020) below. You can also stay up to date by checking in on the money and essentials section of our coronavirus advice pages, which we regularly update.

New claims for DLA and PIP
Renewals and reassessments
Face to face assessments
Reconsiderations and appeals
Carer's Allowance

Benefits advice and information from Amaze

We are working hard to maintain our offer of direct support to families to claim DLA and PIP.

Although we cannot meet families and young people face to face, we are able to contact you by phone or email. We also have a range of fact sheets you can download with advice and information about claiming DLA and PIP, including reconsiderations and appeals.

Learn more about how Amaze can help with DLA and PIP.

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