Coronavirus – health and wellbeing

Coronavirus - health and wellbeing

Coronavirus is a health issue in itself and is having a knock on effect on mental health and well-being for many children and parents. This section also covers what parents need to know about how the health and therapy services their child would normally use are operating during the COVID-19 period.

Coronavirus health advice

What to do if you think you have coronavirus
Children and young people at higher risk
Extremely vulnerable children and young people
Discrimination against people with disabilities?
Self-isolating if you are a carer
Coronavirus resources for children with SEND
Vitamin D

Health services

Seeing a GP
Flu vaccination
Seeing a dentist
Community paediatricians, therapies and school nursing
Annual health checks for people with learning disabilities


A&E and urgent care
Hospital Appointments
Visiting hospital

Medication and equipment

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Mental health and wellbeing

resources to help look after your child's mental wellbeing
advice and support on mental and emotional health
CAMHS and mental health services
Your mental wellbeing as a parent carer


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