Challenging behaviour and violence during lockdown

Lockdown has meant an increase in violence and domestic abuse, as well as a rise in challenging behaviour for children and young people with additional needs. Unfortunately at this time there is a risk of it being more hidden than usual and people being less able to seek help. Which is why we’ve collated some useful links for anyone who might need them.

Please look out for those around you and seek help if affected yourself:

For domestic abuse (by a partner) you can contact – Refuge, Rise or the police.

Child to adult violence – if you have a named worker  from the Specialist Community Disability Service (BHCC) or ISEND Children’s Disability Service (ESCC) you should contact them if your child’s behaviour is becoming a challenge to manage at home during lockdown. If you are not under one of these services call Front Door for Families in Brighton & Hove on 01273 290400 (out-of-hours 01273 335905) or SPOA in East Sussex on 01323 464222 (out-of-hours 01273 335906). Do this urgently if you or other children in the house are at risk as a result. You can contact local social care contact East Sussex, Brighton NHS Safeguarding or the police.

In an emergency situation you can and should call the police via 999.

Child abuse contact – NSPCC, local social care contact East Sussex, child services Brighton or the police.

If your child has learning disabilities and behaviour that challenges, you may find this advice from the Challenging Behaviour Foundation useful:

And if sleep is becoming an issue:

We’ve also written more about challenging behaviour and other issues at this time here: Coronavirus Social Care and Safety.

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