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young boy trying out guitar and drums

Choosing leisure activities for children and young people with SEND Like everyone else, disabled children and young people want to spend free time with friends doing things they enjoy. Although it may require a bit of thought and planning and quite possibly some additional support to make leisure activities work, it’s well worth the effort….


Summer planning – making the most of the holidays Despite lockdown restrictions easing slowly, school holiday planning is still likely to be more challenging this summer. Many families may be feeling anxious about how to entertain their school-aged children or where to turn to for childcare. With this in mind, we’ve pulled together a list…

Planning your summer – tips for getting through six more weeks without school As the relaxing of lockdown flows immediately into the summer school holidays, many families will be feeling anxious about what to do with their children over the six-week summer break. It is definitely going to be more challenging than the usual school holiday planning, but below is a round–up of possible schemes and…

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