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The continuing challenges of Covid-19 for children and young people with SEND and their families The pandemic continues to affect our families in lots of different ways. Although many children and young people have returned to school or college this term, the new ways we are having to work and study have created a whole…

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Understanding Home Education The number of families home educating has shot up nationally since the first Covid lockdown forced most families to have a go at educating their child at home. So now seems like the perfect time to set out the rights and rules around home education, and let you know where to get more information on this locally….

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Looking after your family’s wellbeing during Covid After a prolonged period of lockdown, many of us are returning to workplaces, schools and colleges but many uncertainties remain and worries about the global pandemic sit in the back of our minds. We know that parent carer’s wellbeing is key to supporting the rest of the family and…