Symptom-free Covid-19 tests now available to parent carers

Parent carers can now access regular Covid-19 lateral flow (rapid) testing if they live in Sussex. These tests are normally available for anyone over 18 who lives or works in Sussex who cannot work from home and who does not have access to a symptom-free test through other routes. However, carers have been told they can now access them even if their ‘caring role’ is in the home.

Click here to book a symptom-free Covid-19 test at a participating community pharmacy or testing site across East Sussex, West Sussex or in Brighton & Hove.

You are encouraged to book a test twice a week with three days between tests. You will not need to isolate while waiting for the results of the symptom-free test. You will only need to isolate if you are notified you have tested positive or if you develop any symptoms.

Click here for frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Symptom-free Community Testing programme.

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