Sussex teen ‘Trumpet Boy’ releases lockdown single in aid of Amaze

A Brighton schoolboy has written and recorded a song about lockdown, on wide release, with all proceeds going to Amaze!

Arthur Ward, 13, has already raised over £500 for us with his uplifting live trumpet performances in Hanover (where he is now a lockdown legend amongst residents) as well as reaching people live on Instagram (@trumpet_b0y). 

This week he releases his charity single ‘Nothing to Do,’ in aid of Amaze, as we continue to support local families at this time -it will be available on iTunes, Amazon Music and Google Play (Search for ‘Nothing to do’ by Trumpet Boy) and he’s inviting supporters to download the single to help fundraise for Amaze. You can also watch the video on YouTube.  

Arthur came up with the song using the things he was seeing and experiencing as inspiration. His brother Harold, 11, plays the drums and their dad Mike plays guitar on the song, which they finished and recorded within a day. 

Arthur explains, “I saw a lady on the news singing opera from her balcony during lockdown in Italy. I decided to try doing the same on the trumpet from my house. When I heard about how Amaze’s funding was impacted by the ban on social gatherings, I wanted to help. Dad Mike went on to add, “It’s great how Arthur has channeled his energy into playing music and raising funds rather than tearing lumps out of the furniture or raising hell!” 

We are certainly thankful that Arthur has been inspired by lockdown and supporting us – thank you so much for raising money for us in this creative way Arthur!

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