Schools Wellbeing Service and Mental Health Support Team working together with parents and carers

A new partnership between Brighton & Hove Inclusion Support Service (BHISS), Amaze and PaCC has recently launched. The aim is to enable families with children with SEND living in Brighton & Hove to access information on wellbeing and mental health, either online or by attending workshops.

The first workshop took place in June and offered tips, suggestions and a Q&A on the transition to secondary school.  A further session on summer activities and support offers is to follow in July.  Further information and invites will be shared through Amaze’s Face 2 Face parent groups (autism, breakfast club and dads groups) and PaCC’s regular coffee mornings in East Brighton and West Brighton. Look out for details on Amaze and PaCC’s Facebook pages too.

Linsey McGill, Team Lead at BHISS says:

“We are pleased to be working increasingly closely with Amaze to answer questions, listen to concerns and offer specific information sharing sessions.

As a team of mental health specialists, based within Brighton & Hove, we work with schools to offer group work, advice, parent consultations and 1:1 work.  We also link in with a wide range of other services and can offer signposting to external groups and relevant training.

Staff at BHISS work closely with our colleagues in different services, as well as linking to Specialist CAMHS and Wellbeing.”

Sometimes it helps to go back to basics when helping young people think about staying well emotionally. Here’s some reminders from BHISS of the simple things that matter most…

Keeping yourself emotionally healthy


  • The food you eat will affect how you feel.
  • Don’t skip meals and make sure you eat well regularly


  • Doing a regular activity that you enjoy can boost your self esteem and relieve stress and tension


  • Taking time to relax and chill gives your mind and body a chance to recover from pressures
  • Recognise when you are becoming over tired, don’t exhaust yourself
  • Different people relax in different ways, find a way that suits you


  • Bedtime routines matter, even in the summer when life is more flexible
  • Watching TV or using a computer will stimulate your brain and can stop you being able to sleep


  • Opening up and talking to someone about your feelings may help you get through difficult times

Getting sorted:

  • Organise yourself and your time by using lists and calendars
  • Make sure you plan some time out or ‘me’ time


  • Be kind to yourself.
  • Focus on your strengths and accept who you are

You also can download this guide to the Five-ways-to-mental-wellbeing-(pdf).

Or you can use Amaze’s Easy Read Worksheet to the Five Ways to Wellbeing to jot down your ideas.

If you have any areas that you would like BHISS and the School Wellbeing Team to focus on in these new sessions, please contact

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