New Sussex Police autism passport now downloadable

We’re happy to pass on information about the new Sussex Police autism passport. This passport was co-produced by autistic people, the Sussex Police and the local NHS neurodevelopmental service, based on similar cards in other areas. The aim is to make sure that if someone comes into contact with the police or other services there is an easy way to let them know they are dealing with someone who is autistic so they make the right adjustments to take that into account. You can download the passport to your phone or print it off:

Alongside the passport, the police have introduced training on neurodiversity and small but valuable changes in their custody suites like dimmable lights.

Sussex Police also have the Pegasus Card. The new Autism Passport is in addition to the Pegasus Card and some people will want to use both schemes. The Pegasus Card is for anyone with communication or speech difficulties that might make it hard to communicate with the police in an emergency or difficult situation. Find out more about the Pegasus Card here.

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