New ‘Amazine’ e-magazine for young people with SEND launches in the new year

Amaze is launching an accessible new online magazine for young people with SEND, by young people with SEND. “Amazine” was the idea of young people in our Amazing Futures peer support groups, who’ve been working hard to put together the first edition.

The e-magazine is being coordinated by our Student Project Worker, Megan O’Brien, who is working with a committee of Amazing Futures young people to put together a fun, accessible zine. The first edition will be based around the 5 Ways to Wellbeing, with tips and advice on simple things to do to look after yourself, as well as loads of fun features, and stuffed with photos and pictures.

Some of the features we’ve got planned include:

  • an interview with one of our Young People’s Interns
  • your creations – stories, photos, drawings…
  • what we’ve been getting up to at Amazing Futures recently
  • meet our new peer supporters
  • upcoming groups and events

But the most important thing about Amazine is that it belongs to the young people of Brighton & Hove and East Sussex. What do you want to see in it? Send your ideas to

Get involved

We’re looking for more young people with SEND in Brighton & Hove and East Sussex who’d like to get involved with the zine.

Ways to help:

  • Could you write a short article? (up to 50-100 words)
  • Could you draw a picture?
  • Could you take photos?
  • Would you like to be interviewed for the zine?
  • Could you write a fun quiz?
  • Could you write a short poem or story?

We currently meet on Mondays in the early evening in Brighton, and Eastbourne Amazing Futures will be running a monthly group on a Wednesday. This group is for young people who’d like to get involved creating resources for young people with SEND – this includes the magazine, but also accessible fact sheets, info for the Amaze website and more.

Or you can just send us articles or creations for the zine (stories, drawings, photos, etc.).

If you’d like to get involved, or have something to contribute, email

Please keep articles and stories to under 100 words, and send images in the highest resolution you have.

Please note, we may have to make some changes to features we’re sent for length, style and clarity, but we’ll check you’re happy with our changes before publishing. We can’t guarantee we’ll be able to use everything we’re sent, but we’ll let you know if you’ve made it into this issue before it goes out.

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