Letter to the government regarding SEND pupils’ return to school

As part of the Disabled Children’s Partnership, Amaze is a signatory to this letter to Vicky Ford, which asks the Government to ensure that there is no further extension of the amended arrangements to vary timescales in The SEND CV19 Regulations 2020, beyond the current end date of 25th September:

Sector letter to the Children’s Minister May2020 [PDF 128KB]

It repeats many aspects of our previous communications to MPs including asking that plans to return more children to school/settings focus on promoting well-being, securing missing therapies and individual planning for all pupils with SEND, and that this is consistently across all schools.

Finally it asks that the SEND Review is re-started due to the concerns that the restrictions faced within the current pandemic has simply magnified the pre-existing inequalities experienced by children and young people with SEND over many years.

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