Latest on Brighton & Hove SEND Strategy

Work is underway to develop a new Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Strategy for Brighton & Hove, to be launched next year. This strategy will be co-produced with parents and carers and there will ongoing scrutiny to make sure that the strategy is meeting its aims.

Discussions with parents, carers and other professionals and organisations have already taken place and the following priorities have been identified for the new strategy:

  • Inclusion – are children and young people (0-25) with Special Educational Needs (SEN) and disability included? In school or college? In the community? At work?
  • SEND Journey/Pathways – are people’s experiences of SEND processes, services and provision good?
  • SEND Sufficiency of Services and Provision – do we have the right support and provision available at the right times and in the right places?
  • Transitions – are changes of schools/colleges, homes, day services, employment, social workers or health care well managed?
  • Early Intervention – are needs picked up early enough?
  • Achievement and outcomes – do children and young people 0-25 reach their full potential?

For each priority area an action plan will be developed. The plan will identify what needs to happen in the city to help improve this area of work. Each priority area and action plan will have a group of officers and/or professionals linked to it, making regular checks on the progress made and they will be joined by a parent carer representative from the Brighton & Hove Parent Carer Council. This will ensure there is a ‘critical friend’ attached to each priority.

The next piece of work is to consult a wide range of organisations and stakeholders on whether the priorities and action plans are right. More details on this will follow.

If you have any questions or comments on this work so far or have an idea of a group or meeting this should be discussed with, or to join the mailing list please contact

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