Easy read letter regarding new treatments for those more at risk of COVID-19

You may have seen, from 16 December, the NHS are using new treatments for coronavirus: NHS treatments for coronavirus (COVID-19)

This is for those age 12 and above who are more at risk of COVID-19 including people with Down’s Syndrome, who will be receiving a letter and a PCR test to keep at home and get tested quickly if they have any Coronavirus symptoms.

You can download, save or print off an easy read version of the letter here:

Easy Read Letter [PDF 1.3MB]

These kits will be sent to the address provided to the NHS, so be sure to tell your GP as soon as possible if your/their address has changed.

If the PCR test shows the person has got Coronavirus, the NHS will contact them within 24 hours to arrange a telephone appointment with a health professional, to discuss if the new Coronavirus treatments will be suitable.

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