DLA & PIP renewals start up again

Disability Living Allowance and Personal Independence Payment reviews, reassessments and renewals have started again.

Many children and young people whose claims were due to end this year will have had their awards extended for another 6 months because of the Coronavirus lockdown. But six months can fly by. It’s likely that SEND assessments, medical reviews or your child’s annual review of their EHC plan have been postponed. Now is the time to chase these up so that you are well prepared and have up to date supporting evidence when you get your child’s review claim pack.

Get started by reading through your child’s previous claim. If little has changed, it is much easier to work from this claim, updating and adding to what you wrote before, than starting from scratch.

We are working hard to maintain our direct support to families who need more help. Wherever possible, we will offer you as much help as you need to draft typed notes that get tagged into the claim pack. Where this is not practical and you are not able to hand write the claim, we will try to do this for you. Although we cannot meet families and young people face to face, we are able to contact you by phone or email. Let us know if English is not your first language, so we can think about who can best help us get started.

PIP face to face assessments continue to be suspended. For the time being, decisions will be made on supporting written evidence or following a telephone consultation.

If a young person is asked to take part in a telephone assessment and fails to do so, the claim may be disallowed. So if your son or daughter is likely to find this hard, you should ring the DWP and explain why.

If the DWP still consider they need to speak to your son or daughter, be sure to help them prepare for this. Contact Amaze via our helpline. We have lots of tips to help you with this. Or read our website page on Coronavirus and money.

We also understand that the time period for returning your PIP claim form has been extended to three months. If this is not the case for your child’s claim and you feel under pressure, ring the DWP and ask for more time.



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