Vaccination FAQs – unpaid carers and children and young people with SEND

We know that many of you are understandably anxious about when and how your family will be getting their Covid-19 vaccinations.

Though we cannot give you specific timelines for vaccination – this will depend on vaccine supplies arriving and how quickly different priority groups get vaccinated – we have worked together with all the carers organisations across Sussex to create an FAQ document that answers your most pressing vaccination questions, including details about priority groups, eligibility and process.

Download the ‘Covid-19 vaccine information for carers in Sussex – FAQs’

This is the latest information available to us but things may change and we will update you if, and when, they do. The best way to keep up to date about anything to do with SEND (including vaccinations) is through your local carers’ organisations or parent carer forums. Apart from news, we all offer support, information and participation. See our contact recommendations below for simple ways to stay in touch.

Brighton & Hove and East Sussex

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West Sussex

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Download the ‘Covid-19 vaccine information for carers in Sussex – FAQs’

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