Council's SEN Team reassures parents on home to school transport

We know that some parents are worried that they have not had confirmation about transport for the start of term next week. Anna Czepil, head of SEN has given Amaze and PaCC an update to share about what is happening: 
“The SEN and Transport team are working hard to process all remaining transport application forms for this academic year. We would like to reassure families that those pupils who received transport Sept 2016 to July 2017 whose annual review forms are still being processed will still receive transport at the start of the new term.
We would like to remind families that they must remember to return their application forms as well as the pupil information sheets – this is very important for health and safety reasons. Any problems arising from forms still to be received or processed, the LA will look to resolve any issues with the families over the next few weeks.”
The Local Authority is committed to supporting families and we hope that parents are reassured by this message. If you have any queries please contact either the SEN or Transport Team.
SEN Team: 01273 293552 or Transport Team: 01273 293501/296032/295196 or

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