Brighton & Hove home to school transport – council response to PaCC’s action plan

Brighton & Hove City Council has published a response to Brighton & Hove PaCC’s emergency action plan on the home to school transport crisis, which was compiled following feedback from the parent carer community. Download the home to school transport briefing from Brighton & Hove City Council [pdf 69kb].

Within this document you will see that several of the issues have been addressed including:

  • Journey times
  • Vehicle size
  • Travel to respite

There is also reference to an Independent Review that the local authority have commissioned to find out what went wrong and avoid this happening in the future.

PaCC acknowledge that not all the issues raised have been addressed in this statement and are fully committed to again bringing these to the attention of the local authority. Please do continue to send any feedback to

Amaze has been supporting the hard work of the PaCC and will continue to raise concerns directly with the local authority.

PaCC is the Parent Carers’ Council for Brighton & Hove. Please visit to find out more.

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