Boosting children and young people’s voices: how has Covid19 affected your family?

As part of a national campaign, we want to share quotes on social media on July 1st from children, young people and parents on how Covid-19 has affected them and what they want and need from recovery. The idea is that children and young people’s voices will be so prominent on social media that their needs can’t be ignored!

We’d love if you and/or your child or young person could consider these questions, and get back to us with your answers. Any format is great, you could:

  • write back with a short quote
  • send us a short video (under 30 seconds)
  • take a photo of your child/young person holding up their answer on a sheet of paper.

Anything you can send us would be greatly appreciated, and really help us boost the voices of SEND families.

These are the questions we’d love you to consider:

  • How has coronavirus affected you?
  • What’s important to you as lockdown starts to lift?
  • What do you need to feel safe and okay?

If you’re able to contribute, please get back to us as soon as possible so we can share your quotes on July 1st.

Get in touch

Email your responses to before July 1st. (If sending a video, please upload it to dropbox and email us a link, as most videos are too large to email.)

Please do check your child or young person is happy for us to share their answers on social media, and let us know whether they’d like us to use their first name or if they’d prefer to be anonymous.

If sending a photo or video please fill out this short consent form and send it back with the photos.

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